The Truth About Training:

01 Nov

The main reason we progressed as a human race, is because every time one human being figured something out, they became compelled to show and communicate their achievement to another human being. Over time, generations of humans began to teach the following generation a chosen selection of their collective best achievements; which came to be known as an education. Any human being should realize by now; that we are each just a momentary part of a continuing progression of achievements, and teachings, which incrementally will continue to build upon one another. This is the same in our individual jobs and our corporate cultures. Each person and business is meant to achieve, and progress, and evolve. Without training, each worker-being is forced to reinvent the wheel, through their own repeated trails and errors, and is led to stumble over the same mistakes as those who came before them. Training; solid and effective training which reduces learning times, cuts errors, and eliminates waste – is as essential for competitive progress of a business as it is for the growth of an entire society or the evolution of an entire civilization. Effective and optimal training has value today, and every day. Progression, regression, or stagnation are each a choice which ultimately hinges on how much effort and value we all place on individual training and collective education.

Watch This:


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2 responses to “The Truth About Training:

  1. Isaac

    November 4, 2013 at 4:16 am

    I enjoyed the video and its correlation to training. It presents a perspective that one does not consider, training comes from learning from another individual or other people. While the video presents the evolution of humanity, it focuses more on learning from the past to gain better comprehension of society.

  2. Jia

    November 4, 2013 at 4:19 am

    Hi Eileen, I have subscribed to your blog. I have been reading some of the material posted and it is very interesting. I look forward to continue reading current and future posts. Jia


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