It’s a Technology Renaissance Out There!

02 Mar

Are we entering into a time of Technology Renaissance around the world?

Just as the artists, authors and play writers brought the great Empire of Rome and Classical Europe out of the Dark Ages and into a time of expanded learning, creativity, and expression, so too has the tipping point of internet connectivity and speed paired with mobile and touch-tablet devices generated a New Technology Renaissance for our time.  Just nine months after the UN officially declared Internet Access a basic human right, as seen here: ( the cries of the “disconnected” are now beginning to be heard.  The “Social Media Revolution” has now reached a cresting point, as the wave of change for this decade, and nowhere have I seen it presented better than in this YouTube Video: (

As I begin my project on blogging, instructional design, and e-learning, I encountered a helpful blog site full of articles on making e-learning modules more effective:  ( But this is just my starting point.  My challenges are unique in this field, because of the populations I serve. My organization, (, works and advocates for the rights of the elderly, disabled and homeless, both children and adults, to gain access to the wealth of resources, including wireless internet, technology, and online learning.

My personal emphasis is on the Human-Computer Interface in instruction, and the excellent opportunities that exist for designers to create learning modules and classic or kinesthetic instructional game-like apps, not necessarily just what you would classify as the realistic looking “video games” of today, but efficient and engaging tools that truly mesh with the unique needs of these populations.

As our Creative Technology Renaissance progresses, we must start with a look at what is new in the GadgetBox this year:  ( especially the videos which previewed a “First Look at Windows 8,” as well as some of the “Connected Gadgets at the Toy Fair” in February, 2012, to get a good idea of where we might be headed…

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